Black Rock Collective

What is the BRC?

The Black Rock Collective, or BRC, is a group of internationally located artists, illustrators and designers who come together to share ideas and feed off each other's talents.

Sometimes we work together to create awesome products for sale in our store such as the infamous BRC Card Deck Volume 1 which in it's three print runs has managed to sell out in less than 24 hours each time. Or the inaugural Design By Humans competition winning mashup design 'Robot Attack'.

We've created fanzines, tshirts, posters, and calendars, and even held out first exhibition in Chicago, 2009 at the threadless headquarters.

There's always something going on so feel free to visit often.

News & Updates

OCT 2, 2012

I hear you asking, "What is this I see before me? Playing cards, or 54 little pieces of art?"

I know, I know..this is the same opening line as the first two (and award winning) BRC card decks. But this deck is completely different to it's first two predecessors.

The Black Rock Collective hurried to get this deck out as the end of the world was, according to it's sources, the year 2012, right??

This beautiful deck, with artworks of mass destruction lovingly created by 30 artists of the BRC, pays homage to all those various myths, legends and conspiracy theories about how our little blue planet might meet its demise. Each artists, some more than once, has interpreted the end of the world differently. There's horsemen, meteors, floods, pandemics, and more than one skull in this deck.

As always, the styles are as varied as the BRC's nationalities. What IS different about this deck (masterfully named 'Version 3') is that every BRC artists started with a completely black background, with the black suits reversed out in white.

We hope you enjoy our 3rd deck, and if you don't have the first two decks, go buy them NOW and make your set complete.
Grab your copy here!

APR 18, 2012

Our Black Rock Card Deck took home the gold last year in New Zealand's Pride in Print Awards! Yea!

DEC 11, 2011

Since our postcard book went on sale we've had alot of requests to see exactly what you get for your money. LOok at all this art! For only $15!!